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#17 Dark Blonde, 20", 100g, Weft Hair Extensions

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Product Description:

Hairweft is a long line of hair that is double sewn at one end.

Information about the hair: 

  • Real hair
  • Non-Remy quality
  • Length: 20" (50cm)
  • Weight: 100g
  • Width: ~47" (~120cm)

Examples for how to attach the hair:

  • Clips - These you sew in the weft (available in accessories).
  • Micro rings - These you sew in the weft.
  • Glue (we do not sell this yet).
  • Needle & Thread - attach the hair weft by first making a cornrow, then sewing it.


Hair extensions require more care than your own hair. Your real hair receives nourishment through the roots, which your extensions do not. It is therefore important to take care of your hair extensions and use moisturizing products to prevent them from becoming dry and frizzy or lose their shine.

  • Don’t wash the hair for at least 48 hours after attachment.

  • Keep the hair braided when you sleep or work out.

  • Untangle and brush the hair morning, evening, and before showers.

  • Use moisturizing products intended for hair extensions.

  • Avoid salt water and chlorine water.

  • Use hair treatments or hair oil.


When washing the hair:

  • Do not use shampoo for oily hair, use shampoo for dry hair.

  • The shampoo should not contain alcohol or sulphates.

  • Wash the hair with lukewarm water and moisturizing shampoo. Do not rub the hair.

  • Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner and a deep conditioner.

  • Gently squeeze the water out of the hair and pat/flatten it carefully, using a towel. Do not rub the hair dry with the towel.

  • Let the hair air-dry.

  • Then straighten, curl, and style your hair any way you want!


Dyeing the hair

Since the hair is already dyed at the factory, we do not recommend that you dye it again. All dyeing is done at your own risk.

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