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Hair Extension Iron MWJ-668 Hair Extension Iron MWJ-668 Hair Extension Iron MWJ-668

Hair Extension Iron MWJ-668

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This hair iron connector is used to connect nail hair strands.

  • Model MWJ-668.
  • Change of heat 100-200 degrees.
  • On/Off switch.
  • 1 year warranty.

Attaching pre-bonded hair extensions: 

  • Section the hair.
  • Using a protection shield, take a thin strand of your own hair.
  • Place the pre-bonded hair strand underneath it and melt together with a hair extension iron for keratin wax.
  • When the wax has melted, roll up the attachment with your own hair and give it a good squeeze. Make sure that there is wax all the way around the hair strand and that there is no air inside the attachment.
  • Repeat the procedure strand by strand and section by section. Start at the neck and work upwards.

Avaliable in the colours black and pink.

Note! The hair iron has a European plug.

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